Portable Vaporizers UK

When selecting the best portable vaporizers in the UK – there are a few key questions that you are going to want to consider.

How portable does your vape need to be?

Portable can be taken to mean just about anything – in this case it all depends upon where you intend to use it. There are portable vaporizers that will fit into the palm of your hand for discreet use – and will easily fit into a trouser pocket. Perhaps the best example of this would be the puffit vaporizer. If James Bond was going to use a vaporizer then this would almost certainly be his first choice …. Other vapes that are sold as portable and indeed are portable such as the rechargeable Vapir No2 would never fit into a pocket – and are more portable in that you can take them to a café, or to another house – but you wouldn’t take a discreet puff on a bus with any of these vapes. What they do have is power – the battery will last longer – indeed much of the large size and weight is due to the battery and it’s recharging apparatus…

Portable Vaporizer UK

Portable Vaporizer UK

Another amazing example of a portable vaporizer would have to be the Magic Flight Launch Box - this is as small (but perhaps not as discreet) as the puffit. What we love about the magic flight is the fact it looks like it has been made in someone’s garage – and the fact it is in fact some pretty ingenious hi-tech design is great. The use of wood for the body – not only makes sense because of its insulation properties but also means that it ages like an heirloom – as opposed to plastic that only ever looks worse as it ages…

What Power Source?

The choice of power source for your UK portable vaporizer falls into three categories

  1. Gas (refilled by butane)
  2. Battery
  3. Internal, rechargeable battery

There are (as you’d expect) pros and cons of each system.

Gas - is great because it is almost instant to heat up, it is readily available (from  pound shops) and will last for quite a while between charges. The downside is that the refill cans are themselves quite large – so even if you have a small portable vaporizer you are going to need quite a large pocket to put the butane refill into. Some users report that with the iolite there is a faint butane taste/smell when they use it – the manufacturers say that this isn’t the case and the catalytic converter should mean that this isn’t true – but perhaps the inevitable smell when you refill the iolite lurks in the nasal passages to remind the user of butane later on. Pressurised gas cannot be taken on planes, so the vaporizer woul need to be emptied before any flight – even then a security conscious jobs-worth might not like the idea of it in hand luggage.

Battery -  these are readily available and are internationally identical. Your ethics might be tested when you see the amount of disposable resources you get through – and if you use rechargeable batteries then there is an additional cost involved that could be as high as the vaporizer that you buy originally. Don’t expect to get too much oomph out of a single AA battery either – they are great, but they are small. You’ll need a pocketful of the batteries if you’re heading off on a vaporizing weekend.

Rechargeable - these have the potential to last for a very long time, but can also take a long time to charge – so when they are out of juice then you might be charging the vaporizer for an our before you use it again. Some models do not work when they are being recharged, so that means you need to either be patient or buy an external charging unit – which will add expense, inconvenience and bulk to your purchase.

gas powered vaporizers

gas powered vaporizers

Precision Temperature Control

Many portable vapes have quite vague temperature controls, or rather they have imprecise or no thermostat this means you need to treat using them as more of an art than a science – you’ll get the feel for it eventually but only after a great deal of practice. One notable exception to this is the ViVape which takes levels of precision beyond what you’d ever really need – but packages it all up like an ipod!